Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kobe Bryant

I watched the Nuggets/Laker's game last night. As smug, arrogant and unlikeable as he is, Kobe Bryant is one talented jerk. Unfortunately he will never get a taste of the real world that most of us live in and he will never know that he comes off like a real ass hole. That being said, he is the best basketball player in the world, hands down. LaBron may be some day but today Kobe is the best.

That being said, Duane Wade, Labron, Shaq Oneal, Kevin Garnett and even Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley are more marketable than Kobe. Who ever advises him should let him know about the tens of millions he is leaving on the table from coming off so arrogant. Maybe he should hire me, I would only take a few percentage points of the extra millions that I would help him make. I want to like him but he makes it so hard.

He may possibly be the best ever but until people love him like they loved Mike, Labron will be the heir apparent. Just Ask Barry Bonds.


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