Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bill Maher - The Anti Christ?

Is Bill Maher the Anti-Christ?

Bill Maher is a very funny comedian and I think he will go down as the Dick Gregory of our generation. He is intelligent, well read, and extremely funny. I watch his show “Real Time” RELIGOUSLY. I do not agree with all of his views, in fact in some things he and are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but if I had a dinner party and I was going to invite people that could stimulate intelligent conversation, he would be on my top 10 list.

I find his wit and perspective refreshing and I appreciate the fact that he questions everything. That used to be called learning and free thinking. Now it is called heretical and unpatriotic.

This is what makes me wonder, is Bill Maher the Anti-Christ? I like Bill grew up in a religious family. I was taught that:

The Anti-Christ would be charming and intelligent. Bill is both. He not only reads many fascinating books and articles, he also has a unique perspective on them. There are many times I think, I read that but I did not get that out of it.

The Anti-Christ would be a man that would have many followers. I do not know his Neilson Rating but he has become the voice of many. He is like a rock star.

The Anti-Christ would be a man that with his words could convince world leaders to follow him. I am astounded at the politicians, Pulitzer Prize winners, Activists, MIT and Harvard Professors, and Billionaires that have appeared on his show.

The Anti-Christ would appear to have the answers to problems in the world like sickness, hunger and peace. Ok Bill does not have all the answers here but he sure brings up some great points on all of these subjects.

Convinced yet?

For those of you that do not like Bill Maher this is post is what is called “Irony” and it is probably the main reason you don’t like him, you don’t get him. Keep up the good work Bill!

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