Friday, May 29, 2009

The Black Berry Storm

I have been holding out forever to get a touch screen phone. I need my Phone for my work and I love Black Berrys. For me there is nothing better for emails. I do not need to surf the net, watch movies, listen to mp3's, take pictures... I just need to have a phone that allows me to write emails. I love the key pads and the convenience of my first two Black Berry's but the world is going to touch screen and I figured I had better get use to touch screen before I am forced to use it.
I purchase the Storm and after a week I was ready to throw it at the wall. It was very frustrating. I called Verizon and the customer service rep that I got also used the Storm. He said he felt the same way after a week but to give it a little more time.
I have now had my Storm for about 2 months. Black Berry is still the easiest way to do email for work but the Storm has a long way to go to be efficient. It is very slow to respond. The touch screen is very frustrating for two reasons. Most of the time you get the letter, digit or symbol next to the one you press and you have to fully allow the screen to return up before pressing another symbol while typing. This may be the same for all touch screens but it makes texting and emailing very slow and frustrating.
Verizon now tells me that they are upgrading some software to make the Storm quicker. I hope so.
I guess my final take on this subject is that if computers ever go away from key boards and go to touch screens my blogging days are over. It would take me a week to do an entry.

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