Friday, October 23, 2009

Austria's Women

Why are Austrian women so hot well for one:
A study of a French research scientist revealed that Austrian girls are one of the most slender ones in Europe.
In other words they have some of the tightest bodies in the world!!!!
Oh, but one down side. About every picture of a hot Austrian women included her kissing or fondling another woman. Why is that a down side you ask? I agree it would be hot to watch but think about it. If the women are hot with hard bodies, what chance does a regular guy like me have trying to be with one? Why be with a guy when you can be with a really hot girl?
I should have used my X-ray picture editor on her. :)

Don't try to tell me the Austrian men don't feel left out.

Two women together like this is really the best thing ever.

Finally an Austrian mans point of view. Look at this guy. He knows, it is never going to happen for him in this Country. By the way, there is a hetero couple making out in the back ground but I am convinced that one of them is a man dressed as a woman.

Crystal Klein, psst, she also does porn!!!! :)

Fawni, I wish she did porn :(

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