Monday, September 14, 2009

California Girls

The Beach Boy's got this one right!!!!!!!!

There are so many hot women in California, there is really no place to start. Just walk on the beach, walk in a mall, drive down a freeway, everywhere you look there are hotties. You have USC, UCLA, San Diego State, Cal, Stanford, UCSB,...To may colleges to mention. There are Hollywood Starlets and Starlet want to be's. Hot , hot, hot. There is the playboy mansion and of course the porn industry is here. It would be sill to think this blog could cover them all. 100 blogs could not cover them all so enjoy my small sampling.


This it the real reason USC football is # 1

I usually do not like sorority girls but at San Diego State, I will make an exception.

U See!!!!! L.A.

Coming or going Allison Stokke, a Pole Vaulter From Berkley has to make any ones list.


Just a few of the women in the California Porn Industry. OK, OK, they are my favorites.

India - What can I say. I own the blow up version.

Mariah Milano - Mariah, my sweet Mariah, I worship you. I would drink her bath water!!!!

and of coarse, my Mercedes Ashely - Already wrote a blog on her.

This beats the hell out of when I tried to find hotties from Alaska. How many naked women can they photo shop Sarah Palin's head on anyway.

Thank you California, if you ever secede, I am going with you.

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