Friday, June 12, 2009

Arizona Hot Babes

Welcome to Tempe.
I think every school should be required to paint a jersey on one of their hottest girls.

ASU Cheerleaders. This picture actually caused some problems for the squad. What were they thinking? On second thought, I am glad they were not thinking. Sweet!

Can you say GO CATS! ?

If this is what they wear at night when it is cool
What do they take off to get through the hot days?

Candy Christensen ASU

I was only planning on posing one picture per country and State unless I has a point to prove. Arizona changed that. There were so many women that raised the roof on the Zelmo Meter. Arizona, Arizona State, Scottsdale...I could not keep up.

This sampling of pics do not even do justice from what I found but it is a good sampling of Sun Devils, Wildcats,... and Babes.

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